As an image-maker, Mansoora pushes artistic limits through diverse aesthetic considerations and visual explorations of select social and political issues. Her combination of imagery from diverse settings expresses, examines and explores the intersection of cultural and historical perception. An in-depth understanding of the historical “other” through the medium of art can help to reduce the sense of terror that has stirred in today’s society. There is no need to fear, no reason to feel threatened. People’s aspirations and their grief transcend cultural and socio-economic differences.

Hassan’s work has been included in books such as Unveiling the Visible: Lives & Works of Women Artists of Pakistan and reviewed in Art in America, art catalogues, newspapers and television programs. Her work was awarded the Biennale Prize at the 8th Cairo International Biennale, 2001. She has exhibited in over 50 shows at major galleries internationally. She is also an arts curator/administer as well as an “arts activist.”

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