The Nile Reflections and the Rippled Perceptions series are conceptual photographic works shot digitally and printed on banner material. These series were taken on an early morning shoot by Mansoora Hassan just before she was due to depart from Cairo to Washington DC-an emotional time for her. The morning was quiet and the air was still. The Nile looked like a mirror. The reflections of the twin buildings on the water of the Nile looked spectacular, making it impossible to differentiate between the “real” and the “unreal.”

The photographic panel comprising several digital shots printed in a sequence, to be read from right to left, shows a boat piercing the clear reflections of the tall twin buildings on the still water of the Nile. This image reminds one of the airplanes piercing the twin towers in New York on September 11th 2001. Anything can happen anywhere-real or unreal, imagined or otherwise-a matter of perception.

The cycle of nature takes its course--the water looks calm again--the boat glides on the “mirror” surface towards the ancient bridge on the Nile.


The Nile Reflections

Rippled Perceptions

The Bound Project:Between